Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello Wonderfuls, & HAPPY MONDAY!

How was your weekends?

Unfortunately I remained cooped up in my office all weekend working on the above Technology project as part of my Uni course!  I've made a Daily Task Board for use in the classroom & must say I reckon it's quite impressive :)  All the pieces are detachable (stuck on using magical velcro) & the back contains a little pocket for all the spares!  The creating was rather fun, but the 14 hour write up of it was draining (to say the least) & I've woken up this morning feeling like death!

1 week remains of Uni which means 2 weeks today I shall be jetting off to the Motherland for embraces with friends and family & snuggles from my beautiful newborn nephew!  Eeeeee...SO exciting!

Have a fabulous week Peeps,


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