Saturday, May 7, 2011

On the Mend

Brave Brave Bunny!

Rest & Relaxation - The Key to a Successful Recovery!

Feeling Better & Sampling our Melways!

Darling Readers,

I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to post again but it has been quite some week as you can imagine.

I'm ECSTATIC to tell you that sweetie pie Fearny is on the mend, & that after his (we've now started referring to him as Male due to his gender revelation as previously discussed, Ha!) post-surgery check up today our wonderful Vet has told us she's super happy with his progress, Yay!

We're now able to stop critical care feeding him much to Hubby & mine's delight.  It was so tough holding the little fella still & attempting to get 10ml of stinky liquid food in to his mouth.  To be fair, we were pretty useless on our first attempts & got more over each other & the floor than in Fearn's mouth.  We got better at it but it's still not nice having to firmly grapple with him at 2hr intervals, especially in the early hours (note to self: we can definitely delay the kids)!  We continue to administer antibiotics twice a day but they're much easier to bang on in due to their gel like nature & small quantities needed to be given.

The remaining abscesses in his tummy remain a concern but we're currently making the most of the Fearn time we've been blessed with & shall cross our fingers (& toes) that the medicine we're administering will assist in shrinking the bad boys down!

Thank you SO much to all you lovely people out there who sent well wishes to us across the miles.  I'm reasonably new to this blogging malarky & your kind comments made us feel so supported it was unreal!  Rest assured I personally read out all your messages to the Fearnster himself & he thinks you're all pretty darn lovely too :)  We feel truly humbled to have made so many special new friends!

I shall be sure to keep you updated on his progress,

Have a wonderful weekend,

R (& F) xx


  1. Aaah, I knew it! So happy to read this. I haven't stopped wishing the best for you.

    My bunny -who remarkably resembles yours, btw- sends Fearn recovery waves with his parabolic ears. Ok, maybe here I got carried away a little.


  2. YEAH!!! Kept checking back for an update...Wishing continued healthy hopping for Fearn!


  3. Lovely Rabbit =))))) pat pat him from Italy =)

  4. <3 pat pat him from sweden too! :)

  5. Hi!

    I saw Fearn's picture on dailybunny a few days ago. It makes me sad to see that he had to go through so much. BUt I am very glad and happy to hear that he is now recovering! So happy for you! Fearn is surely a lucky bunny to have such caring and loving parents like you and your husband. i wish him the best and hope that he will live happily and healthy from now on! Send my wishes to him please! :)

  6. hello! i found my way here via the daily bunny. i was so worried when i saw the photo of fearn but i'm relieved to hear he's well and hopping around! and i love that second photo. bunny ball! it's clear you love your bunny dearly and i wish you many more happy, healthy years together ^_^

  7. glad that Fearn is getting better now!!! wish you and your bunny have a healthy time together!!!

    Love from Hong Kong

  8. Fearn, you are great! Send our best wishes and hugs to u!


  9. I found your story via daily bunny, im so glad bun is doing well! dont know what id do if my Juno bunny was sick. yay for Fearn being well again!

  10. Yay, I am so glad your bunny is doing well - I cried when I read about him :( I know how you feel as my little bunny Wally recently had an operation and it upset me so much to see him all dopey and not his normal self.

    This is Wally:

    He says hi to Fearn :)

  11. By the way - a great way to get your bunny to eat his medicine is to hide it in some food. Wally wouldn't take his medicine any other way, he hated the syringe :(

    When Wally needed his pain relief, I stewed some apples (in a small saucepan chop up some apple and add a little water, then boil) and mixed the medicine in with it - he loved it!

    I've heard that you can mix it in with a little mashed banana too :)

  12. Hey Denise,
    Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately we've tried mixing his meds with baby food, apple, strawberries & even banana (Fearn's ultimate fave) but to no avail :( He isn't having a bar of it! The stronger he gets the more testing the ritual is too, naughty rare-bit :)
    Wally is adorable :) I think he & Fearn could be good internet friends, Ha!

  13. I'm so so happy to hear that Fearn is doing well! He is a BRAVE bunny indeed to have gone through that undeserving ordeal. And I literally awww-ed at the picture of him snuggling his bed. I wish you lots of good rest!

    I pray the remaining abscesses will go away fast, too. :(

    (Toronto, ON, Canada)

  14. I´m so happy for you and Fearn.
    All the best wishes from Germany

    S+C Veit + Knäuli :x

  15. Aaaaaw! I'm so glad that Fearny is doing better. I relly hope that it stays that way and that the antibiotics will help.

    Fearn, keep up the good work!

  16. Yeah!! Happy Bunny binking from our household!! Glad to hear Fearn is doing so well - loved the pictures!! keep up the good work. Bunny nuzzles from Michigan, from the Porter Zoo of Millie, Mia, Smokey, and Spice and their Mom, Karen :)

  17. Huzzah! Best wishes to all.

  18. yay! so happy he's doing better, I smiled so much when i read the good news :)
    he's such a sweet bun, my best from my bun Hurley and me!