Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kids of Today...

Sooooo...I can totally understand why this video may be deemed as somewhat controversial, but if we view it for what it is, a young child playing dress up, drinking a variety of juices, & doing what toddlers do best, falling over, I think you'll agree it's pretty darn funny :)

Thanks Franny, definitely too funny not to repost!


Summer Dreamin'

Despite it being high Summer here in Melbourne town I find myself peering out of my office window staring at dreary drizzle & grey cloudy skies!  This photo was taken on a  trip down the Great Ocean Road that Mark & I took on first arriving in Melbourne.  The weather was perfect & we had such fun exploring!  Whenever it's miserable I remind myself of this day & it instantly cheers me up!


Gorman, I love you!

Oh I'm swooning over your Winter 2011 collection already!  I don't think I can be trusted in one of your stores with a loaded credit card right now...Sighhh!  I'm already planning on what shoes I can team with that dreamy Dalmation dress!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Headpiece Envy

How beautiful & amazingly original is this Stephanie Browne headpiece?  Despite being happy with what I decided upon for the wedding I would have had this in a heartbeat if it had been slightly more in my price range!  Mark doesn't like it at all but if I'd have chosen it I think he'd feel differently!  It's elegance is breathtaking!  



As part of our recent wedding celebrations I gathered together photographs of all of our Grandparents on their wedding day & framed them with an accompanying tag detailing their names, wedding date & an appropriate quote for each couple about love.  I was desperate to display them in our apartment on our return but on white rental walls they seemed somewhat lost.  As a result I set about jazzing them up & purchased some gorgeous gift wrapping paper from a local store.  Then using a pen knife & ruler carefully measured a border for each.  I think they look wonderful & that the colourful paper really makes the photo's pop!  It's also a lovely reminder of where we came from & also of what can happen just because two people fell in love :) 


Friday, February 25, 2011


Ask me if I love/want/need this felt owl laptop case? & I shall reply Yes, yes YES pleeeaasseee!!


Crochet Cuteness

Petit and Cute Design is an adorable Etsy store selling these gorgeous crocheted creatures.  How ridiculously cute is that blue octopus with his little squidgy legs?  & don't even get me started on the bunny :)


Coin Laundry Cafe

Marky & I ventured to Coin Laundry Cafe today, over in Armadale.  I'd been here before with the girls but decided this was one spot Mark had to check out for himself.  Amazing coffee, great waitstaff & a fresh, vibrant tone to the place that makes a real difference!  I had my usual of poached eggs on multigrain bread with mushrooms & mashed avocado & Mark went crazy, ordering the roast belly of pork with apple, celery, iceberg lettuce & a sweet mustard dressing!  Yum!  We shall definitely return :)


(Photos: Of you I am fond)


I'm absolutely in love with Adele & her new album 21.  I happened to catch her performance at The Brit's by chance & found it to be truly captivating.  If you haven't already seen...Enjoy!


International SuperStar

Fearn's gone global on The Daily Bunny, HaHa, I do hope she doesn't let stardom go to her head!  Today I shall reward her with carrot tops & extra strokes :)  I love how she's currently sunbaking on the balcony completely oblivious to our world!  


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty Polli

As a couple we don't usually buy gifts for Valentines day, but this year to celebrate our first V Day as man & wifey Mark bought me this beautiful stainless steel pendant made my Australian designers Polli. I absolutely love & it's got me browsing the website eyeing up all their other treasures :)


Two Ruffians

I absolutely love these guys & their amazing range of cards!  I sent the Marriage Glue one to my parents on their 38th wedding anniversary & the One Big Hug one to my Besty back in the UK.  They also stock tea towels, clothing, bags, cushions & prints.


Tea for Two?

I have a thing for tea & all things tea related, I put it down to my Britishness!  As a result I am in lurrrrrve with these adorable Tea for Two Sets from Shinzi Katoh.  I already own the rabbit one but I'm pretttttty sure I need the Red Riding Hood one just incase :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Style your Garage

How hilarious (& kind of ingenious) is this website that a girlfriend shared with me?

Tired & fed up of your boring garage door?

Never fear, as now these crazy photo tarpaulins exist...

Which one is your favourite?  If we had a garage I think I'd like the elephant, although I know Mark would opt for the racing car one :)  It'd sure give reason for the neighbours to talk!


Roadtripping - Daylesford

Yesterday a couple of girlfriends & I decided to take a road trip.  Daylesford is approximately an hour & a half's drive from Melbourne & is a small town famous for it's breathtaking scenery & natural mineral springs.  It was so good to escape the city for the day & feel free as a bee.  The phrase: "We should do this more often" was heard more than once, however this time I'm determined for it to be the case & feel inspired to explore some more!

First stop was The Mill Markets.  A friend had shared this treasure with me a few weeks back so I was excited to introduce my friends to the wonders it holds.  Jam packed with antiques, vintage clothing, books, furniture & precious collectables this place quite literally left me speechless, no word of a lie I was like a child in a sweet shop on my first visit.  It didn't disappoint yesterday either & I picked up a couple of dreamy vintage aprons & an adorable headscarf that called my name from across the room :)  I actually defy anybody to visit & come out empty handed, I mean heck...even the bathrooms are stylish!

After our shopping spree we headed to Lavendula, a Swiss Italian farm containing lavender fields, luscious gardens, a vineyard as well as olive & chestnut groves.  We had a spot of lunch al fresco & enjoyed lavender lemonade & lavender scones for dessert.  The sun came out to greet us & we even got chance to feed wild berries to the local Emu's Jack & Elvis.



Vintage Love Plates

Happy Humpday Everybody, it's all downhill to the weekend from here :)

Meanwhile, how darling are these Vintage Love Plates by Lou Rota?  They're also available with the word 'Home' or a customised name version too.  I think they're lovely & would make a great Wedding or House Warming gift.

I also have my eye on this Lou Rota chair... Seriously rad!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Bunny Lovin'

It's no secret to those that know me, that I'm a tad crazy over all things rabbit related!  Imagine my delight then when I stumbled over this fabulous blog dedicated to a different picture of a beautiful bunnykin each day...I may or may not have squeaked out loud!

PS - They also have a Daily Otter Blog, how funny!

Loving your work guys!