Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey All,

Having been under the pump recently at Uni I thought I'd make the time to upload a little post!  Here's some photos of our main man himself, feeling much better and back to his naughty little self (if not naughtier!)

Hubby's been away this week on a golfing trip with his work buddies which has made administering Fearn's antibiotics somewhat troublesome!  2 of us?  Not a problem!  Going solo?  UhUh! I think Fearn thinks he's won & has been parading around the house somewhat triumphant, you wait till Hubby hits home tonight,  Fearno, I fear you're in for a rude awakening :)

We have another check in with the vet in a few weeks time so they can ultrasound his tummy & check on the remaining abscesses!  Will keep you posted!

Hope this finds you all fabulously fabulous!

R (& the Fearnster) x


  1. Aw, your bunny is so cute. Glad he is feeling better. (I originally saw your blog via dailybunny.) I also had a bunny who had abscesses (malocclusion) in his mouth and whenever I had to administer antibiotics by myself i would wrap him gently in a towel (not too tight, just snug enough so he would be easier to hold while giving them). Goodluck!

  2. It's so good to see he's getting better :) He's so adorable! Wanna pet him and snuggle =Y=
    *Sending you lots of bananas and basil*
    ... to both of you! It's healthy! makes you look like a happy bunny!
    like thumper said.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDjkmUsPMcc