Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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I'm a bit of a neat freak...there, I said it, it's out!  I love when my couch is neatly in line with my coffee table, I love when my bookshelf appears even & balanced, I love when things just fit & I luuuuurve when all the tins in my pantry are neatly lined up (labels facing outwards) like little soldiers in a row!  I've been told that my hand writing looks like word processing and I have issues with drawing lines free hand, somebody pass me that ruler!  Some may class it as a tad obsessive compulsive but I prefer to call it conscientious!  Imagine my inner glee then when I spotted this amazing blog dedicated to things organised neatly.  When life gets crazy & my apartment's a mess, I shall head to this blog & it can satisfy my inner need for symmetry!  ...& yes, I realise life's more fun when you colour outside the lines, it's something I'm working on :)


(Spotted via Frankie)

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