Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream a Little Dream...

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Okay, so how much do I wish I was walking through this magical book archway in Lyon, France right now?  I could select a few enthralling titles from the bookstore within, take a slow meander down to the park with a flask, or sit at a local cafe & sip hot coffee whilst people watching!  How fun is it to dream? ...Especially when sat at your desk waiting for inspiration to hit!

Here's to a wonderful (& productive) week everybody xx


  1. That is flipping awesome! If the outside is that amazing, what must the inside be like?

  2. Hey! I discovered your blog through dailybunny yesterday... It's great! I've been living in Lyon for 3 months and was also amazed by this window last sunday. So today i'm going back there and I will try to take a picture of the inside for you. How can I send it to you if I succeed? Mélinda from France

  3. Wow, Melinda, that's amazing! What a small world! Mail me at
    I shall look forward to it!